Applications open for the Google Hustle Academy Bootcamp Program for SMEs in Kenya, Nigeria, and South Africa

Applications for the 2024 Google Hustle Academy Bootcamp Program are now open. This virtual bootcamp is designed for small businesses in Kenya, Nigeria, and South Africa, with a focus on ensuring future-proof business success.

Prepare to:

1. Acquire cutting-edge AI skills and strategies through live, interactive sessions led by expert trainers.
2. Harness the potential of AI and other digital technologies for business growth.
3. Connect with fellow entrepreneurs and establish valuable relationships.
4. Receive personalized insights and practical advice from dedicated mentors.

Program Overview: Google Hustle Academy Bootcamp Program for SMEs

Day 1 – Optimize: Business Strategy

  1. Conduct a SWOT analysis of your current business strategy
  2. Develop a growth plan for the upcoming year, emphasizing actions to attract new customers and boost sales
  3. Approach problem-solving from a consulting perspective

Day 2 – Enhance: Sales & E-Commerce

  1. Set revenue targets for the next year
  2. Understand your target audience
  3. Analyze market trends and competitors
  4. Define your unique value proposition
  5. Explore methods to guide customers through the purchasing process
  6. Discover e-commerce opportunities for your products and services

Day 3 – Amplify: Digital Marketing & AI

  1. Learn about various digital marketing channels suitable for your business
  2. Engage your audience with short-form video content
  3. Utilize AI-powered marketing tools to enhance your digital strategy

Day 4 – Accelerate: Productivity with AI

  1. Plan your finances and create financial forecasts for investment purposes
  2. Utilize advanced AI tools to streamline work processes and save time

Day 5 – Lead: Effective Leadership & Pitching

  1. Develop a pitch deck for potential investors
  2. Identify your leadership style and manage workplace changes effectively
  3. Engage in in-depth virtual workshops to master the latest industry skills.
  4. Acquire the most up-to-date industry skills by participating in interactive online workshops led by our skilled trainers.
  5. These workshops are hands-on and practical, equipping you with the necessary tools for immediate success.

Network & Collaborate

  1. Avoid navigating the journey solo! Engage in peer networking sessions to connect with other participants, exchange insights, share best practices, and establish valuable relationships that extend beyond the program.
    Receive Mentorship
  2. Move beyond theoretical knowledge with personalized mentoring sessions. Our mentors will assist you in addressing real-world business challenges and bridging any knowledge gaps you may have. Seize this opportunity to receive expert guidance tailored to your individual requirements.

APPLICATION: Google Hustle Academy Bootcamp Program for SMEs

  1. For visit the official website of the Google Hustle Academy Bootcamp Program.

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