Launch Your Paid Speaker Career with Live 5 Day Training from Christine Ntim

The Paid Speaker Career Launch, which is a FREE LIVE 5 DAY TRAINING from MAY 20-24, 2024 is now open for entries. Here is how you can participate.

Join us starting May 20th for a LIVE, implementation-style workshop (with hands-on co-working) where we’re spilling the secrets to Paid Speaker Career success and what’s changed in the speaker booking landscape over the last year – so you can map out the next 6 months with a clear path to:

  1. Generating qualified speaking gig leads
  2. Increasing your speaker booking closing rates
  3. Diversifying your income streams with higher speaker fees at scale.

The Paid Speaker Career Launch experience is designed to walk you through the step-by-step process of constructing powerful personal brand positioning that appeals to your audience, so you can generate inbound leads with ease, increase your speaker booking rates, and execute profitable speaking engagements multiple times a year…

…and NEVER have to worry about unpredictable, inconsistent income months again. Check out the full workshop weeklong schedule below. Limited seats available so register now.

Paid Speaker Career  Launch Lab

FREE LIVE 5 DAY TRAINING  | MAY 20-24, 2024 | 12PM EST. During This FREE LIVE Workshop You’ll Learn:


DAY 1 How to Position Your Personal Brand to Attract Paid Speaking Engagements

  • Understand the speaker booking landscape today and the top strategies to position yourself in today’s market
  • Craft your “Value Positioning Statement” to create messaging that attracts the right audience and stand out in your zone of expertise
  • How to optimize your social media profile pages for inbound opportunities


DAY 2 How to Craft Your Signature Talk and Get Booked Immediately

  • Learn about the top niche topics that is in high demand
  • Learn how to create a highly sought after keynote session
  • Learn how to market and promote your signature talk


DAY 3 How to Find, Engage, and Close Paid Speaking Engagements in a Competitive Market

  • Learn how to find and source events seeking paid premium speakers and NOT waste your time with free engagements that ask you to pay to speak.
  • Learn what to say and how to say it to convince an event planner to book you at the highest rate!
  • Learn how to maintain a growing database to create an endless pipeline of speaking gig opportunities


DAY 4 How to Package and Price Your Speaker Fee

  • Learn how to quote your speaker fee properly and not leave money on the table..
  • Learn how to price your appearance in multiple formats such as keynotes, workshops, fireside chats and more
  • Learn how to negotiate for higher paid gigs even if you don’t have any negotiation skills.


DAY 5 How to Make Money On and Off Stage- Monetizing At Scale

  • Learn how to create a viral referral system for attracting more speaking engagements immediately once you step off stage
  • Learn how to pitch multiple speaker packages for high paying multi year contract opportunities
  • Learn how to structure your speaker income into a sustainable full time income stream
  • Limited seats available so register now.
Christine ntim
Christine Ntim

Christine Souffrant Ntim is an award-winning tech ecosystem expert for emerging markets. She was selected and featured in Forbes 30 Under 30, AdAge 40 Under 40, TEDx, Entrepreneur Magazine, Essence, Black Enterprise, Ebony Magazine, Huffington Post, Inc Magazine, Haiti Changemakers 1804 List, and more.

Christine has spoken at a variety of events with speaking engagements at the United Nations, World Bank, Davos, TEDx, SXSW, European Union Forum, Caribbean Export Agency, SEC- Security Exchange Commission, US State Department, New York City Mayor’s Office, Startup Grind Global Conference, The Next Web, SeedStars World, and more. 

A well sought after serial entrepreneur, Christine speaks on digital entrepreneurship, personal branding, career planning, and future tech for emerging markets. Limited seats available so register now.

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