About Us

Opportunities For You is an online platform for harnessing emerging opportunities from around the world. We gather and bring the latest opportunities from local and global ecosystems to your advantage.

Opportunities For You provides information on the latest startup funding, grants, awards, scholarships, training, fellowships, boot camps and workshops, seminars and conferences, internships, volunteer programs, and job opportunities.

Opportunities For You works to provide access to local, regional, and global opportunities, connecting donors and funders with professionals, NGOs, groups, startups, scholars, youths, students, and institutions for the consummation of emerging opportunities. In doing this, Opportunities For You democratizes opportunities for everyone, regardless of his or her background, location, age, disabilities, education, gender, race or ethnicity, or socio-economic status.

Opportunities For You is equally committed to highlighting and documenting the success stories and experiences of entrepreneurs, startups, changemakers, and scholars and amplifying their voices through our blog.

The information provided by Opportunities For You helps facilitate growth, advancement, and learning, thus empowering our audience to harness the future for a better society.

Established in 2022 and operating out of Lagos, Nigeria, Opportunities For You partners with business hubs and accelerators, funders, donors, institutions, organizations, and the news media to bring the latest and emerging opportunities to you.

We are your window to the world of opportunities.