Join the Next Generation of Nano-Entrepreneurs: Applications Open for the LASRIC Nano-Entrepreneurship Program

TechQuest STEM Academy is a non-profit organization that offers technology education content, tools, and resources for providing ICT, Digital Literacy, STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering & Mathematics), and capacity-building programs to Africans on a large scale.

At TechQuest, we are firm believers that technology serves as the cornerstone for contemporary economic development, and imparting individuals with digital skills will be crucial for Africa’s advancement in the digital realm. Without the necessary talent and skill sets, the disparity between market demands and local solutions will persist, and empowering individuals with the digital prowess and competencies required will aid in meeting both new and existing market requirements.

Ensure your place in our exclusive 100% LASRIC Nano-Entrepreneurship Program Scholarship supported by the Lagos State Government via Lasric Lagos and executed by TechQuest STEM Academy. Discover how to transition your business to the online platform, enhance your brand, and achieve new milestones.

  1. Establishing online presence
  2. Enhancing Online Visibility
  3. Supporting Online Expansion
  4. Cost-Effective Digital Approaches

Training Venue: LASRIC Nano-Entrepreneurship Program

  1. TechQuest STEM Academy, Crestsage’s Place. 3 Dr Ahmid Balogun Street, Recreation Square, Lekki II, Lagos, Nigeria
  2. The initiative is supported by the Lagos State Science and Research Innovation Council and Executed by TechQuest STEM Academy.

Application: LASRIC Nano-Entrepreneurship Program

  1. To apply visit the official application portal
  2. To learn more about TECHQUEST go here

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