How to apply for the Hello Tomorrow Global Challenge for Startups (€100K Grand Prize)

The Hello Tomorrow Global Challenge for startups offers a platform for deep tech and science-based entrepreneurs worldwide and startups in Nigeria to showcase their projects. By participating in this challenge, entrepreneurs have the opportunity to receive equity-free funding, gain global visibility, and establish connections with key players in the deep tech ecosystem. It is worth noting that previous winners and finalists of this challenge have successfully raised over $3 billion in funding.

Why Apply for the Hello Tomorrow Global Challenge for Startups

  1. Reasons to apply for the Hello Tomorrow Global Challenge include the chance to make valuable connections. Winners will receive personalized coaching and introductions to potential investors, partners, and clients. Additionally, participants will have the opportunity to connect with industry experts, investors, and fellow entrepreneurs at the Global Summit. By joining the Deep Tech Pioneers community, entrepreneurs will have access to a global network throughout the year.
  2. Another benefit of participating in the challenge is the increased visibility. Entrepreneurs will receive recognition as Deep Tech Pioneers and may be featured in reports and invited to speak at future events. They will also have the opportunity to pitch or showcase their projects in front of renowned industry leaders and investors. Furthermore, participants may gain exposure through international media, with interview opportunities.
  3. Funding is another advantage of applying for the Hello Tomorrow Global Challenge. The challenge offers a €100K Grand Prize, a €25K 2nd prize, and a €25K pre-VC stage prize, all of which are equity-free and without any strings attached. Entrepreneurs can also advertise their open fundraising to the active international investor network associated with the challenge. Additionally, participants can take part in the Investor Day, where they can have one-on-one meetings with over 300 renowned venture capitalists and corporate venture capitalists.

Eligibility for the Hello Tomorrow Global Challenge for Startups

We are open to accepting startups that meet the following criteria:

  • 1. They are in the early stages of development, ranging from startups that have not yet been incorporated to those at the series A or early commercialization stage.
  • 2. They are based on a new technology, a scientific discovery, or a complex engineering process.
  • 3. They have scientific validation of their claim, a proof of concept, a prototype, or are actively working towards producing one.
  • 4. They have a team consisting of at least two individuals.
  • 5. They are not a subsidiary or spin-off of an existing company.
  • 6. They have a vision for an economically viable application in the market within the next 15 years.
  • 7. They have the potential to make a significant impact on the targeted industry, as well as on society or the environment as a whole.

Awards for the Hello Tomorrow Global Challenge for Startups

Approximately 800 startups will be chosen to receive the prestigious “Deep Tech Pioneer” global recognition and gain exclusive access to the following benefits:

1. An extensive international deep tech network that will enable them to explore various opportunities for visibility, funding, and valuable connections.

2. The opportunity to participate in our Investor Day, where they can engage in one-on-one meetings with over 300 top-tier venture capitalists (VCs) and corporate venture capitalists (CVCs).

3. Access to our Global Summit, where they can interact with industry leaders, investors, accelerators, and fellow founders who are specifically focused on their sector. This summit is an invite-only event.

4. Out of the 800 startups, 80 finalists will be selected to pitch their ideas in front of a carefully chosen audience of 400 individuals. These finalists will compete for equity-free prize money, with the Grand Winner receiving €100K, the second-place winner receiving €25K, and an additional €25K being awarded for the Emerging Pioneers Prize.

5. In addition to the prize money, the 11 Track Winners will also receive valuable in-kind prizes. These prizes include customized coaching sessions provided by our experts, personal introductions to relevant investors, potential partners, and clients.

6. Furthermore, we have “Corporate Tracks” that are co-organized with our corporate partners. These tracks offer even more pitching opportunities and customized prizes for the participating startups.

By being selected as a “Deep Tech Pioneer,” startups will have the chance to gain recognition, access valuable resources, and connect with key players in the industry, ultimately accelerating their growth and success.

Verticals and Sectors Covered by the Hello Tomorrow Global Challenge for Startups

  1. We invite all deep tech startups to participate in our Global Challenge tracks this year. There are 10 tracks available for you to choose from:
  2. Aerospace, Advanced Computing & Electronics, Digital Health & Medical Devices, Energy, Environment & Biodiversity, Food & Agriculture, Industrial Biotech & New Materials, Industry & Machines, Medical Biotech & Pharmaceuticals, Sustainable Construction & Infrastructure.
  3. If your startup does not align with any of these tracks, please reach out to us for further assistance or select the track that best fits your vertical.
  1. On top of the Global Challenge tracks, you may choose to apply to any open Corporate track.
  2. You need to apply only once to both the Global Challenge and to any of the available Corporate Tracks.
  3. You cannot apply for only the Corporate Track, you must choose one of the official tracks

Selection Process for the Hello Tomorrow Global Challenge for Startups

The selection process for the Global Challenge involves three key steps. Throughout the process, applicants will receive updates on their progress.

1. Deep Tech Pioneers: Startups are chosen by the jury based on the quality of their online application. Those selected are welcomed into the Deep Tech Pioneers community, granting them immediate access to various benefits.

2. Finalists: Once selected as Deep Tech Pioneers, applicants must complete the remaining sections of the application form. The jury then chooses approximately 7 Finalists per track, who will have the opportunity to pitch at the Grand Finals during the Summit in Paris.

3. Track Winners & Grand Winner: A panel of investors, corporates, scientists, and other experts in the field will select the Track Winners and ultimately, the Grand Winner based on their pitches at the Summit.

Evaluation Criteria of the Hello Tomorrow Global Challenge for Startups

  1. 1. Applications undergo evaluation by a panel of expert jury members, including investors, entrepreneurs, executives, researchers, and other professionals in the relevant field. For the Global Summit Grand Finals, a detailed list and profiles of the jury members will be shared online with applicants ahead of the event.
  2. Applications are assessed based on the following criteria:
  3. – Technological innovation: Companies must showcase a product/service rooted in new technology, scientific breakthroughs, or intricate engineering processes.
    – Impact: Companies should demonstrate the potential for significant, long-term effects on business and/or society.
    – Economic viability: Companies are expected to present well-defined development plans, objectives, and a sustainable business model.
    – Team: Companies must exhibit strong leadership with the vision and skills necessary to drive success.
  4. At the Summit Grand Finals, jury members evaluate and select projects based on the quality of the pitch and additional information provided about the startups following the initial selection rounds (1-page summary & pitch deck).

Application for the Hello Tomorrow Global Challenge for Startups

  1. For more details and to apply visit the official website
  2. Deadline is September 22, 2024

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