Step up and Shine: Submit Your Entry for Every Girl Connect 2.0

Every Girl Connect 2.0 (Everygirl) is a program that stems from the Kalil Suleiman Halilu Foundation (KSH Foundation) flagship initiative, EveryGirl. Its main objective is to increase the representation of young females in the technology industry. However, Girl Connect specifically focuses on enhancing internet connectivity for young women aged 17-21 in underserved communities, with the aim of bridging the gender digital divide.

Notably, Girl Connect was recognized for its outstanding efforts in the field by winning the IEEE Connecting the Unconnected Challenge 2023 for the Community Enablement Concept.

Here’s how the program works:

1. Virtual Phase:
During this phase, participants will engage in specially designed courses that aim to introduce and reinforce internet literacy. This phase will span over two weeks, starting from the 20th of May and concluding on the 31st of May.

2. The Immersion:
Using internet platforms, participants will have the opportunity to showcase their skills and abilities, demonstrating why they should be selected for further participation. Those who are chosen will receive a fully-funded trip to Abuja for a 5-day immersion experience, along with a laptop device. Additionally, they will benefit from 90 days of mentorship to further enhance their growth and development.

We Intend To Achieve It

  • Internet Literacy
  • Personal Development
  • Online Education
  • Careeer and Livelihood opportunities

Courses Offered: Every Girl Connect 2.0

  1. Introduction to Internet Technology: structure, basic protocols, and fundamentals
  2. Internet Communication Tools and Cyber consciousness ( internet safety and security)
  3. Utilizing Web Browsers and Social Media.
  4. Managing Digital Presence and Digital Promotions
  5. Careers on the Internet and How to Begin
  6. Introduction to Copywriting
  7. How to set up a Digital Business
  8. Troubleshooting 101
  9. Content Creation 101
  10. Introduction to Design Software and Tools
  11. Cyber Wellness
  12. Sexual Health and Gender-Based Violence

Eligibility Criteria: Every Girl Connect 2.0

  1. Must be a female residing in Nigeria
  2. Must be within age 17-21 years
  3. Passionate about the use of internet for career development
  4. Willingness and availability to be a part of the virtual training session
  5. Availability to travel
  6. Must posses a means of identification

Application: Every Girl Connect 2.0

To apply visit the official website


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