Applications Now Open for Together Towards Tomorrow Challenge (up to $25,000 Cash Award)

Ashoka and HSBC have been on a global mission for three years to find and support leading innovators who empower others and possess the skills to make a difference. This year, we are teaming up to introduce the Together Towards Tomorrow Challenge 2024, a worldwide innovation challenge focused on recognizing individuals of all ages who are uniting to prepare young people for a successful future.

The challenge will provide innovators with grants of up to $25,000 from a total fund of $225,000, as well as the chance to engage and learn from a community of changemakers.

Participate in our global innovation challenge: Together Towards Tomorrow, a joint effort by Ashoka and HSBC, which calls on changemakers worldwide with projects that bring people together across generations to empower young leaders. We are seeking creative solutions that encourage inclusive collaboration, linking young minds with their inner drive. Does your initiative promote social connections between generations, enhance youth leadership, and shape a different future? We want to know!

Who are we looking for? Together Towards Tomorrow Challenge

  • Enabling youth leadership for social impact: Solutions that enable young people to take charge, actively identifying their strengths and passions. With this self-awareness, they lead the charge in effecting positive change within their communities.
  • Promoting equitable intergenerational collaboration: Solutions that promote equity by fostering intergenerational social connections, mutual learning and empathy, ensuring that young people have an equal opportunity to lead and effect change. This inclusive approach allows young people to access the collective wisdom and resources of all generations, amplifying their impact and sustaining their commitment to changemaking.
  • Fostering agency in young people: Solutions that foster agency among youth by catalyzing them to take ownership of their ideas, actions, and impact. As a result, young individuals develop the confidence and autonomy needed to lead changemaking efforts, ultimately becoming lifelong changemakers.
Together Towards Tomorrow Challenge
Together Towards Tomorrow Challenge

Benefits of the Together Towards Tomorrow Challenge

All eligible applicants will receive:

  • Receive feedback from Ashoka and/or HSBC representatives.
  • Have a chance to connect with a community changemakers through this challenge (by providing/receiving feedback, and meeting them through community events).

Early Entry Applicants will receive:

  • Those who get their application in by June 3rd 2024 will have the chance to be selected as Early Entry Winners.
  • All Early Entry Applicants will receive feedback ahead of the final entry deadline.
  • 3 Early Entry Winners will be awarded $1,500 each
    • Note: Being selected as an early entry winner does not mean that you will be selected as a final challenge winner.

All semifinalists and finalists will:

  • Get a chance to refine their applications based on feedback from Ashoka, HSBC, and their peers.
  • Have the opportunity to learn from Ashoka, HSBC, and its networks, and have additional learning opportunities as part of the journey.

Winners Awards:

We seek to ensure diverse representation in our winners, covering as many focus areas, ages, and geographic regions as possible.

Prizes Structure:

  • Up to 12 winners, will receive a minimum of $15,000 and up to $25,000.
  • We will select a minimum of 3 winners at Early Stage (0-3 years since registration), and a minimum of 3 winners that are at an Established Stage (3+ years since registration).
  • The top winner in each of these two categories will receive a prize of $25,000.

Eligibility Criteria: Together Towards Tomorrow Challenge

Country of Impact

The “Together, Towards, Tomorrow” Challenge is open to individuals driving impact in Algeria, Argentina, Armenia, Australia, Bangladesh, Bermuda, Brazil, Canada, Chile, Egypt, France, Germany, Greece, Hong Kong, India, Indonesia, Japan, Kenya, Malaysia, Malta, Mexico, Nigeria, Philippines, Saudi Arabia, Singapore, South Africa, Sri Lanka, Taiwan, Thailand, United Arab Emirates, United Kingdom, United States of America, Uruguay, Vietnam.

Youth Leadership

Your leadership structure requires at least one member born in 1994 or later, who has held a leadership position for at least 12 months. If your organization is less than one year old, at least one founding member must be born in or after 1994.


Entries must be submitted in English and an Applicant is not allowed to submit more than one application.


Employees of HSBC, advertising agencies, promotion agencies and other service providers for this Challenge, their immediate family members (spouse, parent, child, sibling, regardless of where they reside) are not eligible.

Partners or past HSBC challenge winners or initiatives that are already financed or supported by HSBC, its affiliates, subsidiaries or joint ventures are not eligible.

Additional Criteria

  • Your venture must be at an early- or mid- stage.
  • Your initiative must be incorporated (as a non-profit, for-profit, or hybrid organization).
  • You must be 18 or above at the time of submitting this application.
  • Entries will only be accepted in English (winners will be expected to engage in activities that require English proficiency).
  • If your solution has not been implemented at scale; you must have a clear business plan and a minimum-viable solution (prototype, pilot, or another proof of concept).
  • Only one application per individual/venture will be accepted.
  • Employees of HSBC, advertising agencies, promotion agencies and other service. providers for this Challenge, their immediate family members (spouse, parent, child, sibling, regardless of where they reside) are not eligible.
  • Partners or past HSBC challenge winners or initiatives that are already financed or supported by HSBC, its affiliates, subsidiaries or joint ventures are not eligible.

Please note that all eligible participants will be required to take part in peer reviews: once the application phase closes, you will each be required to review 5 applications each in order for your application to be considered. 

EVALUATION CRITERIA: Together Towards Tomorrow Challenge

  • Remember, we are looking for innovative and creative ideas at all stages of development, which means your initiative could be in its first year of implementation or a fully baked one! Each of the below 5 criteria will be considered equally in the evaluation of each application. 
  • Connection and Commitment: Your initiative engages deeply with your community whilst valuing the voices and servicing the needs of young people.
  • Activating Young Changemakers:  Your venture enables young leaders to drive meaningful change and create a brighter future.
  • Impact:  As a standard working practice, you measure the impact of your initiative whilst prioritizing continuous learning and skill development.
  • Innovation: Your venture actively pushes boundaries and explores new possibilities to address complex challenges.
  • Operational Viability: Your organization was created with a focused plan for secure long-term sustainability and adaptability in diverse local contexts.

APPLICATION: Together Towards Tomorrow Challenge

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