Join the Gen F Entrepreneur In Residence studio

Are you a budding entrepreneur or creator with an early idea/concept seeking a partner to help bring it to life? Do you possess an innovative idea that requires support to progress from 0 to 1?

Launching a new concept can be challenging, necessitating specific skills that many founders may not have the financial means to risk.

How could Gen F assist you in developing your idea? We provide a budget for experimentation and connect you with experts to test and launch your concept. Subsequently, you may be eligible to pitch for up to $250k in additional funding to bring it to fruition.

Who can benefit from Gen F Entrepreneur In Residence studio?

  1. Talented founders/aspiring entrepreneurs aiming to develop and validate their ideas, achieve business success, and make a significant, lasting impact.
  2. Skilled professionals and industry experts seeking to transition from the corporate world to entrepreneurship.
  3. Founders interested in creating technological solutions to address Africa’s major challenges and drive positive change.
  4. Entrepreneurs with a keen understanding of local market needs and a strong commitment to solving prevalent issues within their communities.

Qualifying for the Gen F Entrepreneur In Residence studio Initiative are individuals who meet the following criteria:

1. Former startup founders with experience in building VC-backable startups.
2. Domain experts with a unique understanding of the problem they aim to solve.
3. Corporate professionals seeking to transition into entrepreneurship after identifying a market gap.
4. Senior operators with previous experience in African startups.
5. Founders with well-researched concepts addressing significant African challenges in large markets.
6. Individuals willing to dedicate full-time efforts to refine and validate their startup idea for 10-12 weeks before transitioning into full-time startup work.
7. Ideas with high potential for commercial success and positive impact.
8. Founders in the early stages of developing their startup idea (pre-revenue).

Throughout the Gen F Entrepreneur In Residence studio program, participants will receive:

– A competitive one-time budget for market validation experiments.
– Close collaboration with our venture builders to enhance their concept and prepare for the Investment Committee.
– If approved by the Investment Committee, free access to studio services for launching their startup and funding of up to $250,000.

Application for the Gen F Entrepreneur In Residence studio

  1. For details and to apply visit the official website
  2. Deadline – Application is on rolling basis

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