Applications open for the The Global Startup Contest (Up to $28,000 cash Prize)

The Global Startup Contest (Hangzhou)aims to invigorate the innovation ecosystem, ignite creative dynamism, attract investments in groundbreaking ideas, and extend a warm invitation to talented individuals and teams from around the world to embark on an entrepreneurial journey in Hangzhou, China, the city of innovation! We offer cash prizes、Venture Capital、Business Networking、Startup Mentors、Sponsorship and so on

To expedite the development of a modernized international socialist metropolis and attract high-level talents and teams from overseas, the contest will focus on attracting innovative and entrepreneurial projects with advanced technology. There will be two special sessions dedicated to innovation and entrepreneurship projects from overseas Chinese students and foreigners, respectively. The contest is set to officially launch in February 2024, and it will invite innovation and entrepreneurship projects from all corners of the globe.

Prizes of the The Global Startup Contest

Participants in the contest will have the opportunity to win substantial cash prizes, including first, second, third, and winning prizes. The total prize money pool amounts to an impressive 800,000 USD.

Target Companies of the The Global Startup Contest

  1. We are specifically seeking companies with founding teams that have experience in innovation and entrepreneurship overseas. These teams should possess innovative technologies or achievements with promising market prospects, as well as the potential to acquire new technologies or products with a broad market outlook.
  2. Please note that individuals or teams who have already registered their business in Hangzhou or have paid social security in Hangzhou before January 1, 2024, as well as those who have participated in the contest more than twice, may not be eligible to be the main applicant for this year’s competition.

Looking for companies: The Global Startup Contest

Agenda: The Global Startup Contest

For your reference, the agenda of the competition is arranged as follows:
Project Submission Deadline: May 31, 2024
Preliminaries: July-August 2024
Semi-finals: August-September 2024
Finals: Early November 2024
Grand Final: During the Hangzhou International and Cooperation Conference in November

Awards: The Global Startup Contest

And the exciting Competition Awards:
1 First Prize 28,000 USD (200,000 RMB)
4 Second Prizes 14,000 USD (100,000 RMB)
7 Third Prizes 7,000 USD (50,000 RMB)
120+ Winning Prizes 2,800 USD (20,000 RMB)

Application: The Global Startup Contest

  1. For details and to apply visit the official website
  2. Deadline is may 31, 2024

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