BMGA Fellows Program – Call for Applications

The BMGA Fellows Program, offered by the BMGA Foundation, is an initiative focused on reducing the gender skills gap among university graduates in Africa and Asia. This experiential learning program spans six months and is tailored to equip young women with the essential employability skills necessary for a successful career in the 21st century.

BMGA Fellows Program provides:

1. Advanced professional development courses
2. Mentorship from graduate students at leading global universities
3. Coaching from senior executives with international expertise
4. Life skills training to prepare participants for the evolving job market

The BMGA Fellows Program has the Association of Commonwealth Universities (ACU) as an official partner, and past cohorts have received support from reputable organizations.

Chosen participants will engage in a rigorous six-month learning journey, leveraging modern technology for transformative learning experiences. The program includes modules led by industry professionals, professors, and influential figures from renowned institutions worldwide, featuring live sessions, group discussions, and interactive learning activities.

BMGA Fellows Program Eligibility criteria include:

– Young women from Africa and Asia
– Final-year university students and early-career professionals with up to three years of post-undergraduate work experience
– Strong academic background: Applicants must have graduated at the top of their class or maintain a current CGPA equivalent to a B+ [UK grading system]
– Proficiency in English (speaking, writing, and reading)
– Regular internet access

BMGA Fellows Program Application Timeline:

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