Applications are open for the World Bank Government Analytics Fellowship Program for Public Servants

The World Bank is currently accepting applications for the 2024 World Bank Government Analytics Fellowship Program for Public Servants. This program aims to connect the abundant data resources held by governments with the potential for improved public administration efficiency through data-driven decision-making.

The World Bank is seeking applications from committed public servants for the Government Analytics Fellowship Program. This initiative, inspired by the Government Analytics Handbook, aims to harness the power of data within governments to generate actionable insights for enhancing public administration.

Eligibility Criteria – World Bank Government Analytics Fellowship Program for Public Servants

Applicants must meet the following criteria to be considered for the Government Analytics Fellowship:

– Willingness to travel to Washington DC from May 27 to June 7.
– Nomination by their organizations (maximum of 2 fellows per organization).
– Employment in central government organizations, including agencies.
– Holding mid-level management or senior analyst positions (or equivalent) with the authority to develop a government analytics project.
– Ability to demonstrate previous tertiary-level coursework in statistics or related quantitative methods.
– Proficiency in English.

Key Features-World Bank Government Analytics Fellowship Program for Public Servants

The fellowship will involve a combination of in-person training and ongoing support from senior experts at the World Bank and University College London to develop a Government Analytics project.

The fellowship will last for 6 months, with a concentrated full-time commitment during the 2 weeks of in-person training in Washington, D.C., which includes the Public Administration Forum and Government Analytics course.

Benefits include acquiring data-driven insights and expertise to utilize vast amounts of governmental data for informed decision-making and policy formulation. Drive transformation within your government by leveraging cutting-edge research and expert assistance to bring about systemic changes in operations. Connect with a collaborative network of government officials, data specialists, academics, and professionals. Participation in the World Bank Global Forum for Public Administration and Government Analytics course in Washington DC covers hotel, travel, and subsistence expenses.

Application Procedure: World Bank Government Analytics Fellowship Program for Public Servants

  • Applications are accepted until March 31st. All applicants must provide the following documents in English:
  • 1. A detailed CV (maximum 3 pages) showcasing relevant experience and qualifications.
    2. A 150-word summary outlining how you plan to apply the acquired insights to improve your organization’s operations through a government analytics project.
    3. An endorsement letter from your organization, nominating you for the fellowship and confirming your role.
  • For additional details, please visit the official webpage of the World Bank Government Analytics Fellowship Program.
  • Deadline: March 31st, 2024

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