Arrell Global Food Innovation Awards ($100,000 Award each) Call for Nominations now open

The Arrell Global Food Innovation Awards have been presented annually since 2018 to acknowledge the exceptional efforts and accomplishments of individuals and organizations worldwide. These prestigious awards consist of two prizes, each valued at $100,000, which are granted in two distinct categories: research innovation and community engagement innovation.

We are pleased to announce that the nomination period for these esteemed awards is now open. Nomination packages will be accepted until 12:00 p.m. ET on March 5, 2024. If you are interested in seizing this remarkable opportunity, we kindly request you to carefully review the nomination instructions provided below for further details.

Every year, two outstanding individuals or groups are honored with $100,000 CAD each through the Arrell Food Institute. This esteemed institution aims to recognize global leaders who are actively working towards ensuring future food security for our planet. Moreover, it aspires to inspire and motivate emerging leaders to take bold and transformative actions towards creating positive change. The key pillars of these awards are scientific excellence and community engagement, which are crucial in overcoming the challenges that lie ahead in feeding a growing global population of 9 billion people and beyond.

The Scientific excellence award

The scientific award focuses on various fields of achievement, including but not limited to food science, crop or livestock genetics, agro-ecology, pest management, supply chain management, soil health, human nutrition, food processing, food packaging, and food safety. It aims to recognize researchers or groups of researchers who have made significant contributions to advancing our understanding of food production, processing, distribution, consumption, safety, and human nutrition, ultimately benefiting society as a whole.

The Scientific Excellence Award

On the other hand, the community award acknowledges the efforts of individuals or groups who have made notable contributions to improving nutritional health and/or food security, with a particular emphasis on empowering disadvantaged communities. This award encompasses a wide range of areas, such as household nutrition, urban poverty, Aboriginal food security, traditional food systems, socioeconomic policy, poverty elimination, and community development.

We encourage all eligible candidates to submit their nominations and join us in celebrating the remarkable achievements and innovative approaches that are shaping the future of global food innovation. Together, we can create a more sustainable and secure food system for generations to come.

The two prizes of $100,000 are awarded each
International recognition

The Arrell Global Food Innovation Awards have specific criteria for selection:

1. The nominee, whether an individual or a group, must have made significant and well-documented contributions in the fields of food production, distribution, sales, or human nutrition/consumption. These contributions can be in the form of scientific advancements or community-level initiatives that have improved nutrition and access to food.

2. The nomination package should clearly highlight the critical leadership role played by the nominee in achieving the aforementioned contributions. It should provide evidence of their exceptional impact and influence in their respective fields.

3. The nomination package should not be a funding proposal or a request for financial support. It should focus solely on showcasing the nominee’s achievements and their significance in the realm of food innovation.

4. Nominees must be available to attend the award ceremony and other related events. Their presence is essential to receive the recognition and engage with the global food innovation community.

These criteria ensure that the Arrell Global Food Innovation Awards are bestowed upon deserving individuals or groups who have made remarkable contributions to the field of food innovation.


  1. Applications are now open
  2. To apply visit the official website
  3. Application packages will be accepted until 12:00 p.m. ET on March 5, 2024

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