Apply for the Let’s Build, Africa: market entry program for African startups to expand and enter new markets

Co-creation Hub (CcHUB) is excited to announce the introduction of “Let’s Build, Africa” in celebration of Africa Day. This innovative market entry program is specifically designed to empower African startups, enabling them to broaden their horizons and enter new markets within the continent.

“Let’s Build, Africa” serves as a strategic initiative aimed at providing support to startups that have the potential for cross-border growth but require strategic insights and assistance in navigating new ecosystems. CcHUB is fully committed to fostering economic integration and promoting innovation across the entire continent.

Ojoma Ochai, the Managing Director of CcHUB Africa, expressed her enthusiasm about the launch of “Let’s Build, Africa” on Africa Day. She emphasized that this day symbolizes unity and progress for the continent. Through this program, startups will gain access to the necessary tools and connections to thrive across Africa. CcHUB firmly believes that by facilitating cross-border growth, they can make a significant contribution to Africa’s economic integration and innovation landscape.

Program Goals:

1. Facilitate Expansion Across Borders: Assist startups in gaining knowledge and access to new markets throughout Africa.

2. Enhance Intercontinental Connections: Promote collaboration and investment opportunities between startups and local stakeholders in targeted markets.

3. Stimulate Economic Integration: Contribute to the economic integration of the African continent by facilitating easier market entry for innovative businesses.

Eligibility Requirements:-

The startup must be registered in an African country.- At least one of the founders must be a citizen of an African nation.

– The startup should be in the scale-up stage.Components of the Program:

1. Call for Applications and Selection: Startups are encouraged to apply for the program, focusing on their readiness for market expansion and adaptable innovative solutions.

2. Pitch Sessions: Selected startups will participate in pitch events to refine their business models and receive feedback.

3. Ecosystem Tours: Participating startups will undergo guided tours in key markets such as Nigeria, Kenya, Rwanda, and Namibia.

4. Product Showcases: Startups will present their products to a curated audience of collaborators, investors, and potential customers.

5. Market Linkages and Support: Over a six-month period, startups will receive continuous support from CcHUB’s team of experts to establish and strengthen market connections.

Impact of the Program:

By the program’s conclusion, startups will have made significant progress in entering new markets, forming valuable partnerships, and positioning themselves for investment and growth.

This progress will have a substantial impact on promoting intra-African trade and collaboration, driving economic growth, and fostering innovation across the continent.

Application is Open Apply here For more information about the program, send an email to [email protected]

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