Applications open for the World Heritage Leadership Programme Heritage Place Lab.

We are pleased to announce that applications are now open for the World Heritage Leadership (WHL) Programme Heritage Place Lab. This program, focused on strengthening networks across research and site management in the context of the World Heritage Convention, is launching its second edition.

The WHL Programme is seeking six World Heritage sites and their site managers to participate in the upcoming edition of the Heritage Place Lab. We invite World Heritage site managers who are interested in collaborating with researchers to improve their management processes and decision-making.

The Heritage Place Lab 2024-2025 will consist of a series of online and in-person workshops, taking place between September 2024 and April 2025. The main objective is to develop tools that facilitate the exchange between site managers and researchers, establishing working methodologies with research institutions to design projects and strategies that support World Heritage site management. Through this program, site management institutions will have the opportunity to connect with universities and research institutes, fostering collaborative efforts to address the research and management needs of World Heritage properties.

Program Details: World Heritage Leadership Programme

– Duration: September 2024 to April 2025
– Format: Online and in-person workshops
– Focus: Developing cutting-edge tools for World Heritage management
– Objectives: Addressing pressing issues such as development pressures, climate change impacts, inadequate legal frameworks, governance, and integration by fostering stronger collaborations between site management teams and researchers.

Program Element: World Heritage Leadership Programme

The WHL is comprised of three key elements that will be executed within a timeframe of up to 9 months (September 2024-April 2025):

1. An inaugural workshop spanning 5 days, scheduled to take place in person from 19 to 23 October 2024 in Beijing, China (excluding travel days);
2. Three 2-hour online mentoring sessions with individual World Heritage sites, along with two 3-hour online workshops involving all selected World Heritage sites;
3. A closing workshop lasting 5 days, potentially held in person or through hybrid methods in April 2025.

Application Procedure: World Heritage Leadership Programme

Interested parties are required to submit their applications to the World Heritage Leadership via email at [email protected] by 15 June 2024.

The application process necessitates the submission of the following documents:

– Completion of the application form in English in PDF format
– A concise version of the curriculum vitae for all members of the site management team
– Official endorsements from the relevant site management institutions or authorities.

Please be advised that incomplete applications will not be reviewed.

Pre-selected World Heritage sites and their respective site managers will receive an email invitation for an online interview with the World Heritage Leadership in June 2024, with specific dates to be arranged in consultation with the site management team.

Application: World Heritage Leadership Programme

For details visit the Official Website of the WHL Programme 2024 Heritage Place Lab.

Deadline is June 15, 2024

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