Applications open for the STIAS Fellowship Program are now being accepted

Applications for the 2025/2026 STELLENBOSCH INSTITUTE FOR ADVANCED STUDY (STIAS) Fellowship Program are now being accepted. STIAS offers a unique environment that fosters creativity and intellectual growth to support scientific and scholarly endeavors in all fields.

STIAS is a globally recognized institution with deep roots in Africa, emphasizing originality and innovation. There are no restrictions based on nationality, field of study, or academic background when selecting fellows. The program encourages the exchange of ideas and prioritizes projects that can benefit from interdisciplinary collaboration while offering fresh perspectives.

Fellows at STIAS can either propose their own projects or participate in initiatives led by the institution in collaboration with partner organizations. Residents are expected to focus solely on their research projects during their stay, with the only obligation being to engage in seminars and discussions with other fellows and local academics.

Residents are also encouraged to participate in the STIAS Fellows’ seminar on Tuesdays and Thursdays and have lunch at the STIAS Wallenberg Research Centre from Monday to Friday.

STIAS Fellows are chosen based on their academic excellence and the originality of their research project. The selection process takes into account the following criteria:

1. Level: Is the proposed research of the highest caliber?

2. Innovation: Does the project bring new perspectives and have the potential to generate new knowledge?

3. Interdisciplinarity: To what extent does the project draw from and contribute to different disciplines? Will it foster interdisciplinary collaboration during the fellowship?

4. Relevance: Is the project suitable for an institute dedicated to advanced study? Does it have relevance for South Africa and Africa?

5. Feasibility: How well-developed is the research methodology and design? Is the research plan realistic? Does the applicant have the necessary skills to carry out the project?

Timeline: STIAS Fellowship Program

  1. STIAS accepts fellowship applications on a semester basis.
  2. For the first semester of 2026 (mid-January to mid-June), applications can be submitted before October 31, 2024. The results of the selection process will be available in March 2025.

Application: STIAS Fellowship Program

  1. For details visit the official webpage of the STIAS Fellowship Program.
  2. Deadline is October 31, 2024

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