Applications open for the Women for Africa Foundation Science by Women Program 2024

The Women for Africa Foundation Science by Women Program, initiated by the Women for Africa Foundation, aims to empower African women in scientific research and technology transfer to address critical challenges in various sectors such as health, agriculture, food security, water, energy, and climate change. It provides post-doctoral fellowships in collaboration with well-known Spanish Centers of Excellence.

Duration of the Fellowship

The fellowship lasts for a continuous period of 6 months and must be completed within 1 and a half or 2 years, depending on the host research institution. The duration is calculated from the date of the final selection of beneficiaries.

Fellowship Requirements

Applicants must meet the following criteria to be eligible:

1. Be a woman and hold the nationality and residency in an African country.
2. Possess a PhD in the field of science.
3. Have a contractual affiliation with a university or a public/private organization in Africa that is dedicated to scientific research.
4. Demonstrate an excellent academic record and a proven track record of relevant research experience.
5. Possess a strong command of the English language. Proof of English language proficiency will be considered favorably.
6. Individuals who have previously benefited from this program are not eligible to apply.


Successful candidates will receive a range of benefits as part of the program. These include:

1. Roundabout flights: Candidates will have access to roundabout flights from their city of origin to their host city. This ensures convenient and hassle-free travel arrangements.

2. Monthly living allowance: Candidates will receive a monthly living allowance of 2600 euros gross per month. It is important to note that a 24% tax will be applied to this allowance. The living allowance is intended to cover accommodation, personal expenses, as well as health and emergency insurance.

3. Visa coverage: The program covers the visa fees and any administrative costs associated with the visa application process. This ensures that candidates do not have to bear these expenses themselves.

4. Financial aid for seminars or congress: Candidates may also have the opportunity to receive financial aid to participate in seminars or congress during their fellowship period in Spain. However, this is subject to evaluation by the Science by Women program’s team.

It is important to mention that all beneficiaries of the program are responsible for securing their own accommodation for the duration of the 6-month fellowship stay in their host city.

Application Requirements:

To apply for the program, applicants must submit the following documents:

1. Motivation letter: A maximum of 1 page is allowed for the motivation letter. This letter should highlight the candidate’s reasons for applying and their aspirations.

2. Full curriculum vitae: Applicants are required to submit their curriculum vitae in Europass format preferably. This provides a standardized format for presenting their educational and professional background.

3. Passport or ID document: A copy of the candidate’s passport or ID document should be included in the application.

4. Letter of support: Applicants must provide a letter of support, which can be obtained from a mentor, supervisor, or academic advisor. This letter should attest to the candidate’s qualifications and potential.

5. Research proposal: A brief and clear research proposal, with a maximum of 2 pages, should be included. This proposal should outline the candidate’s intended research project during the fellowship.

6. Proof of confirmation: Candidates must provide proof of confirmation of the research proposal by the Spanish host entity of their choice. This ensures that the proposed research aligns with the host institution’s objectives and resources.

7. Fully filled in online form: Finally, applicants must complete the online form provided by the program. This form collects essential information about the candidate and their application.


  1. By fulfilling these application requirements, candidates can increase their chances of being considered for the Science by Women program. Visit the official website here
  2. Deadline September 30,2024

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