Applications open for the Siemens Stiftung’s E-Mobility 4 Impact Call

Siemens Stiftung is seeking innovative enterprises that are leading the way in creating customized solutions for the emerging Siemens Stiftung’s e-mobility industry in Ghana, Nigeria, Uganda, or Tanzania. We are backing pilot projects that are propelling the shift towards a sustainable, low-carbon transportation sector. These projects can be initiated by individual enterprises or collaborative efforts that are committed to enhancing the acceptance, accessibility, and affordability of e-mobility.

The proposed solutions should address challenges related to electric vehicles, battery technology, or charging/swapping infrastructure, and may also originate from the energy sector (e.g. smart grid technologies; energy storage), the e-waste and recycling sector (e.g. electronic or battery waste; second life or recycling of electronics or batteries), or the tech sector (e.g. integration of e-mobility related IoT applications).

Prospective applicants are encouraged to focus on one (or more) of the following areas:

Acceptability: Siemens Stiftung’s E-Mobility 4 Impact Call

  • Developing user-centric solutions – whether they are products, services, or business models – that are tailored to meet customer needs and preferences, thereby promoting wider acceptance of e-mobility.
  • Accessibility: Modifying products, services, or business models to cater to diverse customer segments, ensuring that a broader and more inclusive audience can access the advantages of e-mobility.
  • Affordability: Striking a balance between cost-effectiveness and significant value delivery, making it possible for a larger audience to afford and adopt e-mobility solutions.

Applicant’s qualifications: Siemens Stiftung’s E-Mobility 4 Impact Call

Siemens Stiftung is seeking businesses operating within the e-mobility sector in Ghana, Nigeria, Uganda, or Tanzania. Candidates must showcase market experience in one of these countries and be actively addressing challenges within the e-mobility industry or related sectors. Interested applicants must meet the following requirements:

– Candidates must be officially registered in the country where the research project will take place.
– Candidates must possess a minimum viable product of their solution (including photos, blueprints, or protocols).
– If the candidate is focusing on essential ecosystem services for e-mobility, they must provide evidence of relevant track records in their specific sector.
– Candidates must have paying users and clients for their solution (supported by financial statements or management accounts).
– Demonstrating a commitment to creating a positive impact is a key aspect of the candidate’s profile (e.g., through a mission statement).

Benefits of Siemens Stiftung’s E-Mobility 4 Impact Call

Successful candidates will receive a contract lasting up to 15 months to carry out a pilot project. The contract’s value ranges from USD 30,000 to USD 75,000 for individual applications and up to USD 125,000 for joint applications. Applications that include financial or in-kind contributions matching the project’s requirements, or a consortium of at least two enterprises, will be viewed favorably.

Application procedure for the Siemens Stiftung’s E-Mobility 4 Impact Call

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