Application Closing Soon: ALX Africa Founder Academy Program

The ALX Africa Founder Academy offers a 3-month program specifically designed to assist you in launching your startup founder journey. This program includes various components such as workshops conducted by experts, video tutorials presented by founders from different parts of Africa, fireside chats with experienced startup operators and investors, office hours sessions, and weekly tasks to ensure your focus and progress towards launching your Minimum Viable Product (MVP) and acquiring your first users.

Upon successful completion of the Founder Academy, you will have the opportunity to apply for our Accelerator program, which will prepare you to attract investments and potentially receive funding from our upcoming ALX Ventures Fund.

Who should consider enrolling in the ALX Africa Founder Academy program ?

The Founder Academy is ideal for individuals who are new to entrepreneurship or have aspirations to become entrepreneurs. We are looking for individuals who are willing to take on challenging tasks and are determined to address local and global challenges through business. Take a look at some of the profiles of our past Founder Academy graduates.

Selection Criteria & Requirements for ALX Africa Founder Academy program

– Age between 18 and 34
– African origin
– Desire to explore entrepreneurship as a career path
– Willingness to dedicate 15 hours per week to the 3-month program
– No significant funding or revenue raised yet
– Application submitted before the Cohort deadline
– Agreement to the Founder Academy Terms and Conditions

From Idea to Impact

Transform your idea into tangible impact in various markets by participating in our carefully curated 12-week program!

Program timeline: ALX Africa Founder Academy program

Week 0
Upon commencement, you will participate in a welcome call, log in to our learning platform, engage with fellow participants, and get ready to embark on your learning journey.

Weeks 1-4
In the “Think” phase, you will be tasked with reflecting on your motivations, conducting market research, and defining a business model.

Weeks 5-8
Moving on to the “Build” phase, you will acquire the skills to swiftly develop a prototype, gather user feedback, and utilize data and AI to launch your Minimum Viable Product (MVP).

Weeks 9-12
Transitioning to the “Launch” phase, you will gain insights on creating a sales strategy, building a user base, setting up an operational plan and budget, and preparing a pitch deck.

Week 13
On “Demo Day”, you will present your ideas to potential customers and investors, competing for cash prizes and investments.

Benefits: ALX Africa Founder Academy program

1. Certificates: Upon successful completion of the Founder Academy, you will be awarded a certificate of completion and receive assistance in applying to our Accelerator program.
Join our Global Ecosystem

2. Connect with a network of global accelerators, investors, and corporates eagerly awaiting high-achieving graduates from our programs.

3. Investors and corporates await top-performing graduates from our programs.


4. Learn key skills

Learn Key Skills For Success in Entrepreneurship



5. Fees Waived

  • Through our partnerships, we are able to provide qualified individuals with the opportunity to participate in top-notch training programs without any associated fees.
  • For those who are accepted into the Founder Academy, we have decided to eliminate the initial administration fee in order to make sure that a larger number of individuals can receive assistance in kickstarting their own business.

Application for ALX Africa Founder Academy program


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