Water, Sanitation and Hygiene (WASH) Officer at Save The Children

Save the Children is dedicated to investing in the well-being of children every day, whether it’s during times of crisis or for the betterment of our future. Our organization works tirelessly in the United States and across the globe to provide children with a healthy start, access to education, and protection from harm. By making a monthly contribution, you can help support our mission and make a lasting impact on the lives of children worldwide. Join us in transforming the lives of children today, and together, we can shape a brighter future for all.

Role and Purpose of Water, Sanitation and Hygiene (WASH) Officer at Save The Children

Save the Children International (SCI) is a prominent global organization dedicated to making a lasting impact on the lives of children worldwide. Operating in more than 120 countries, including Nigeria, SCI focuses on ensuring children’s survival, education, and protection. Collaborating with the government, SCI strives to enhance children’s access to quality education, healthcare, nutrition, protection, and economic opportunities. During times of crisis, SCI provides swift and effective assistance to help children recover from the impact of conflicts, wars, and natural disasters.

Save the Children International Nigeria has been appointed as the Grant Agent for the GPE Accelerated funding initiative to implement Refugee Education programs across Adamawa, Akwa-Ibom, Benue, Cross-River, and Taraba states over an 18-month period. In this role, SCI is working closely with the government at both the Federal and State/LGA levels, aligning with SC’s localization strategy to develop a comprehensive education program for both refugee and host communities in the five states hosting refugees.

Responsibilities of the Water, Sanitation and Hygiene (WASH) Officer at Save The Children

The WASH Officer will be responsible for strategically overseeing and assisting in the implementation of the WASH component of the project. This includes coordinating the construction and rehabilitation of water and sanitation facilities in collaboration with Education and WASH stakeholders at the state and LGA levels. Additionally, the WASH Officer will take the lead in integrating hygiene promotion into Education programming, ensuring that students have increased access to high-quality, effective, and sustainable WASH facilities. This will help improve hygiene practices among students and provide safe water and sanitation facilities for both refugee and host community children attending school. The WASH Officer will also engage with community and school-based local structures, such as School Based Management Committees (SBMCs), to deliver and support various activities. These activities may include establishing health clubs, distributing dignity kits to students, providing WASH curriculum to schools, and conducting behavior change communication on WASH. Lastly, the WASH Officer will provide support in monitoring and evaluating the progress of WASH activities.


1. Conduct site visits to assess facilities and collaborate with the SCI Education team to determine the necessary actions and implementation requirements.
2. Collaborate with the supply chain and Finance and Grants Compliance Team to identify and contract vendors who can meet the specified designs and standards for planned activities.
3. Develop weekly work plans and schedules for all construction/rehabilitation sites, ensuring compliance with deadlines and targets.
4. Support vendors in maintaining stock of materials and equipment, and place orders as needed for project activities.
5. Interpret work designs and specifications accurately, and ensure work is carried out accordingly.
6. Establish a site book at each location and document progress in the book, including signing in with remarks.
7. Adhere strictly to quality standards and ensure that contractors use materials that meet the highest standards.
8. Conduct regular supportive supervision visits for hygiene promotion in selected schools and refugee settlements.
9. Build the capacity of partners and SCI staff in hygiene promotion.
10. Ensure that community mobilization approaches fully integrate hygiene promotion concepts.
11. Engage community leaders and other key stakeholders at the local government level in hygiene promotion efforts.
12. Collaborate with SUBEB, RUWASSA, and the LGA WASH departments on WASH programming, ensuring their active participation and support.
13. Provide support on WASH to other SCI programs and initiatives as needed.
14. Integrate WASH into trainings conducted for Education and other SCI projects.
15. Conduct advocacy visits to key stakeholders at the state, LGA, and community levels.
16. Support periodic evaluation studies to assess the impact of the WASH component.
17. Contribute technical expertise to donor proposals for future projects.
18. Prepare a monthly plan of field activities.


Ensure that the project delivery aligns with the highest safeguarding standards as outlined in Save the Children’s policy. Collaborate with the project safeguarding officer to conduct safeguarding risk assessments and implement mitigation measures for all WASH activities, construction sites, and facilities. Prioritize safe programming throughout the planning, implementation, monitoring, teacher training, and construction/rehabilitation of learning centers. Uphold the Do No Harm principles at every stage of the Programme Management Cycle.

QUALIFICATION, EXPERIENCE, AND SKILLS of the Water, Sanitation and Hygiene (WASH) Officer at Save The Children


– Bachelor’s degree in Civil Engineering, Geology, Geography, or other WASH-related fields from a recognized/accredited Tertiary Institution in Nigeria
– Minimum of two years’ post-graduation experience
– An advanced degree would be advantageous
– Previous experience working with local and international NGOs
– Experience in WASH programs in schools and communities
– Training and experience in borehole and VIP latrine construction/rehabilitation
– Experience in community mobilization and advocacy
– Proficiency in computer applications (MS Word, MS Excel, MS PowerPoint)
– Fluency in spoken and written English and Hausa
– Ability to collaborate with government and NGO personnel
– Strong interpersonal skills
– Team player with independence, adaptability, flexibility, effective workload management, multitasking abilities, and meeting deadlines
– Excellent communication and writing abilities.

Application for the post of Water, Sanitation and Hygiene (WASH) Officer at Save The Children

Method of ApplicationInterested and qualified? Go to Save The Children on hcri.fa.em2.oraclecloud.com to apply

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