UNIDO Global Call for Food Tech Companies 2024

The UNIDO Investment and Technology Promotion Office (ITPO) Italy initiated the Global Call in 2020, establishing it as UNIDO’s primary annual event that acknowledges and rewards companies for their inventive solutions to worldwide challenges. Since its inception in Rome, Italy, the event has expanded its reach to different continents, including Bonn, Shanghai, and Beijing. Throughout the years, Global Call has received more than 2000 applications from 108 countries, fostering a vibrant global network of innovators dedicated to driving positive change through technology and collaboration.

In 2024, UNIDO ITPO Korea will host the Global Call 2024 with the theme ‘FOODTECH Innovation and ISID: Nourishing the Future’. Recognizing the significance of global food system challenges and UNIDO’s alignment with the foodtech industry, the Call aims to identify companies with innovative technologies that address critical issues in the global food system, such as hunger and unequal distribution.

UNIDO ITPO Korea, in partnership with the UNIDO Investment and Technology Promotion (ITP) Network and other relevant divisions within UNIDO, envisions the UNIDO Global Call for Food Tech Companies 2024 as a groundbreaking opportunity to make substantial improvements in societal challenges throughout the entire food industry value chain.

Categories for submissions in UNIDO Global Call for Food Tech Companies 2024

Category 1. Production
Category 2. Manufacturing & Processing
Category 3. Distribution & Delivery
Category 4. Consumption

Requirements: UNIDO Global Call for Food Tech Companies 2024

  1. Companies from all over the world that possess innovative food tech-related technologies are eligible to apply.
  2. This includes a wide range of companies, such as large corporations, small and medium-sized companies, startups, as well as research centers, university spin-off companies, academic institutions, and centers.

Benefits of UNIDO Global Call for Food Tech Companies 2024

  1. The winning enterprises will be honored with UNIDO awards or special awards from partner organizations, including the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Korea.
  2. Moreover, the winning enterprises will enjoy various advantages, such as global promotion through UNIDO and media outlets, exclusive networking opportunities at UNIDO events, personalized consultation by UNIDO experts, follow-up possibilities through the main office, and participation in the UNIDO Booth during the World FoodTech Expo (November 20-23, 2024, Seoul).
  3. Additionally, they will have the opportunity to pitch their ideas during the Expo.

APPLICATION: UNIDO Global Call for Food Tech Companies 2024

  1. For  details visit the Official Webpage of the UNIDO Global Call 2024.
  2. Application Deadline:  31 July 2024

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