The ANZA-TUT Future Tech Challenge For Entrepreneurs – Innovating for Tomorrow program

The ANZA-TUT Future Tech Challenge presents the Innovating for Tomorrow program, a cutting-edge endeavor aimed at leveraging innovation and collaboration to tackle current challenges. Co-organized by ANZA Capital and the Institute for the Future of Work at Tshwane University of Technology, this challenge calls upon innovators to showcase transformative solutions in Agritech, Digital Tech, and CleanTech.

This initiative is founded on a partnership that merges ANZA Capital’s forward-thinking investment approach with Tshwane University of Technology’s academic excellence and research capabilities. Together, we strive to foster an environment conducive to the growth of innovative concepts, leading to sustainable progress and practical applications.


1. Venture Funding: Seize the opportunity to secure funding of up to R5M to bring your innovation to fruition.
2. Networking: Engage with industry leaders, investors, and fellow entrepreneurs to expand your professional connections.
3. Global Exposure: Present your startup at the SA Innovation Summit and gain international visibility.
4. Expert Guidance: Receive mentorship and valuable insights from industry professionals and academic scholars.
5. Impact: Contribute to addressing real-world challenges and making a positive difference in society and the environment.


  1. To apply visit the application portal
  2. Deadline 31 May 2024

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