Seize This Upcoming Workshops From The Nasdaq Entrepreneurial Center

Seize This Upcoming Workshops and classes From The Nasdaq Entrepreneurial Center to leapfrog and enhance your entrepreneurial and managerial skills. The Nasdaq Entrepreneurial Center offers mentoring, classes, training programs, toolkits, workshops, and networking events that bring together entrepreneurs from all over the world, from all walks of life, and all stages of company growth.

Create Your 360-Degree Marketing Plan Jul 9
Get an inside look into the secrets of Coca-Cola’s legendary marketing success to scale your business with Coca-Cola Alumni Lubna Forzley.

GREAT Storytelling Jul 11
Elevate your business storytelling strategy with the GREAT narrative tool to maximize engagement with Michael Gaines.

The Marketing Pivot Playbook: Strategies for Success Jul 16
Learn how to confidently pivot your marketing efforts to drive growth and innovation with Danielle Reid.

Global Expansion Accelerated: The Power of Networking and Partnerships Jul 17
Leverage networking opportunities and strategic partnerships for global expansion with Michelle Andrew

Nasdaq Entrepreneurial Center Immersive Program Information Session Jul 17
Interested in applying for one of our Immersive Programs? Join us to explore each program in detail.

Make Your Brand Memorable Jul 23
Learn how to leverage cognitive neuroscience principles to support brand recognition with Carmen Simon!

Practical Tools for Effective Time Management Jul 26
Leverage self-care strategies and time management tools to prevent burnout and find your optimal work-life balance with Anastasiya Rutus.

Creating the Flywheel Inside Your B2B Startup Jul 30
Discover essential sales strategies and activate a self-sustaining cycle of client acquisition and retention with Dora Rankin.

Community Economy: Ensure User Engagement in a Crowded Market Jul 31
Discover strategies to build community membership loyalty and retain customers in a competitive market with ReeJade Richmond.

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