Reporters Without Borders Berlin Scholarship Program 2024: Empowering Journalists in the Digital Field (Funded to Berlin)

The German division of Reporters Without Borders is currently inviting applications for their Berlin Fellowship Program: Empowering Journalists in the Digital Field. This initiative, running from May to October 2024, will invite six journalists from conflict zones to spend six months in Berlin.

The fellows, during their Berlin residence, will not only have an opportunity to take a break but also undergo a comprehensive training on digital self-defense techniques for journalists. This program is bankrolled by the Berlin Senate Department for Economic Affairs, Energy, and Public Enterprises.


The program is open to professional journalists, bloggers, media workers, and citizen journalists who:

  • Are subject to any form of digital threats,
  • Have faced digital aggression like doxing or identity theft, and
  • Are interested in expanding their knowledge on digital security.
  • Face any variety of digital threats and have encountered online harm such as doxing or impersonation and aspire to learn about digital security in order to enhance their personal protection and the confidentiality of their sources and are enthusiastic about sharing the knowledge gained throughout the scholarship program to peers in their local regions and preferably, have some experience in teaching or other fields of knowledge dissemination and are capable and willing to fully engage in the program.
  • Applicants are expected to be accessible for all phases of the program including the extensive training for digital security. Please anticipate approximately 20 to 25 hours per week during the training phase

In the application process, a bonus will be given to those applicants who contribute as investigative reporters on subjects like climate change, corruption, worker rights or immigration. Benefits Reporters Without Borders will shoulder the transportation expenses, handle all aspects related to visas, furnish and cover the costs of rental accommodation in Berlin for the length of the scholarship, provide a monthly stipend of 1000€/month, handle the health insurance and public transport fees in Berlin.

Participant will take part in a comprehensive training course in digital security for several months, under the guidance of experienced instructors. Also, while residing in Berlin, those granted scholarships will obtain a glimpse into the operations of Reporters Without Borders Germany, an international journalistic and human rights body. Stay duration in Berlin The duration of the stay is capped at six months. It begins at the start of May 2024 and concludes by the end of October 2024. The exact travel dates to and from Berlin will be shared with selected participants. Eligibility Applicants should: Be very proficient in English, as the entire fellowship program will be carried out in English.

  • The individual must possess significant experience in the field of journalism, whether as a professional reporter or citizen journalist, and
  • there must be a demonstrated interest in acquiring in-depth knowledge in the area of digital security for journalists. High-level expertise in digital security is not mandatory. Those accustomed to using a computer and smartphone are eligible to apply.
  • The candidate must be prepared and enthusiastic to fully engage in all aspects of the program (previously mentioned in “Who can apply”)
  • You’re expected to return to your native region post the completion of the German fellowship.

Application Procedure. In order to apply for the Berlin Fellowship Program, kindly complete and submit

  • the application form
  • the questionnaire
  • Then, forward the subsequent four documents as separate PDFs to enroll in the program
  • a completed and signed application for
  • a completed and signed application form
  • the completed questionnaire
  • your CV and
  • an identity document (ID or passport)

For More Information: Visit the Website of Reporters Without Borders Berlin Scholarship Program for 2024

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