Entries open for the EDC/Mastercard Foundation Transforming Nigerian Youths Program

The program, Transforming Nigerian Youths, is designed to establish a network of entrepreneurial and managerial leaders, focusing on youths and women within the Micro, Small, and Medium Enterprises (MSMEs) sector in Nigeria.

This initiative is being introduced to Nigeria through a collaboration between the Young Africa Works-Mastercard Foundation and the Enterprise Development Centre at Pan-Atlantic University.

  • EDC and the Mastercard Foundation are joining forces to enhance the capabilities of 40,000 MSMEs, with a particular emphasis on agriculture and creative industries, particularly women-led enterprises in Nigeria.
  • The training will be conducted through EDC’s online learning platform and IVR (Interactive Voice Response) to ensure accessibility for all learners, regardless of their location.

Benefits of the Transforming Nigerian Youths Program

The key objectives of the program include:
– Shifting the mindset of Nigerian youths towards entrepreneurship and preparing them to become self-employed or creators of job opportunities.
– Facilitating market access and offering support services to current business owners, particularly those managed by young individuals.
– Revolutionizing the way information and learning are accessed in Nigeria through EDC Beam.

Application for the Transforming Nigerian Youths

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