Call for Entries in the USAID Unsolicited Solutions for Locally Led Development ($2 million funding)

Sustainable and locally driven ideas are sourced from organizations worldwide, regardless of their type or size. In order to ensure these ideas are given due consideration, Unsolicited Solutions for Locally Led Development (US4LLD) allocates a portion of its annual budget to provide USAID Missions with the necessary funding to support unsolicited applications that promote locally led development.

USAID Unsolicited Solutions for Locally Led Development How to Submit a Proposal:

Eligible organizations and entities can submit concepts at any time. Please keep in mind:
– Individual awards cannot exceed $2,000,000.
– Final award amounts will be determined through negotiation, subject to fund availability, and aligned with USAID’s interests.
– Organizations that have submitted an unsolicited concept to US4LLD should await a decision before submitting additional proposals.

US4LLD aims to support as many Missions globally as possible. Currently, the program is not accepting concepts for Missions that have already reached their maximum annual allocation.

Burkina Faso
Dominican Republic
The Philippines
South Africa
*Unsolicited applications can be sent to the Mission or to [email protected].

USAID Unsolicited Solutions for Locally Led Development Criteria

In order to be considered, concepts must be submitted using the provided form below. The form consists of specific questions regarding locally led development that must be addressed for consideration. All concepts must adhere to the following requirements:

1. USAID criteria for unsolicited proposals and applications.
2. Additional guidelines for advancing locally led development, which include evidence of the following:
a. Local input: The beneficiary communities actively participate in identifying the development challenge and designing a solution.
b. Local ownership: Local leaders are empowered to take ownership and implement the process.
c. Innovation: Activities should be innovative and surpass or enhance traditional development practices.
d. Sustainability: The results produced should be more sustainable in the long-term compared to existing practices.
e. Adaptability: A strategy should be presented on how the organization will monitor its activities, address potential challenges, and make necessary adjustments.

USAID Unsolicited Solutions for Locally Led Development Application

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