Call for Application: Reuters Institute Journalist Fellowship Programme

The Journalist Fellowship Programme at the Reuters Institute is renowned worldwide as one of the top initiatives for experienced journalists to delve into the depths of journalism. This program allows mid-career journalists to take a break from their regular work and immerse themselves in the field.


  • The majority of our Journalist Fellows receive full funding and a stipend to cover their living and travel expenses.
  • During your time with us, you will have the opportunity to enhance your understanding of journalism, the news industry, and your role within it through personal research, seminars, networking events, and discussions with fellow journalists.
  • While in Oxford, you will also work on a project that directly impacts your career, your newsroom, and the wider media industry, incorporating the knowledge you gain during your fellowship.
  • This program is designed for working journalists and editors who plan to return to their profession after a few months with us.

Each year, we accept approximately 30 Journalist Fellows from around the globe, each bringing unique insights and a wealth of experience to our institute. Here are some key aspects that set our program apart:

  • 1. Cutting-edge Institution: As a Fellow, you will be embedded in a forward-thinking institution that actively shapes important media debates. The Reuters Institute produces informative factsheets and reports on the industry’s main challenges.
  • 2. Global Outlook: Our Journalist Fellows come from diverse backgrounds and countries, fostering a vibrant exchange of ideas and experiences across different regions and mediums.
  • 3. Prestigious University: By joining our program, you become part of one of the world’s most esteemed universities. Oxford offers unparalleled study facilities, leading research centers, extensive learning support, and a renowned global reputation.

We look forward to welcoming you to the Reuters Institute’s Journalist Fellowship Programme and providing you with an enriching experience that will enhance your journalistic career.


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