Apply: GAIN-AFREXIMBANK Masterclass on Entrepreneurship and Intra-African Trade

Afreximbank is delighted to announce its partnership with the Grand Africa Initiative (GAIN) in a joint effort to provide a grant that will facilitate the training of 300 young African entrepreneurs. This training program, known as the GAIN-Afreximbank Masterclass on Entrepreneurship and Intra-African Trade, is scheduled to commence in March 2024. The primary objective of this masterclass is to equip young African entrepreneurs from different regions of the continent with the necessary skills to expand their businesses beyond their national borders. Through a comprehensive six-week program, participants will gain valuable insights into leveraging the intra-African Market to build and grow their enterprises. They will receive expert guidance, practical training, and business advisory from an esteemed faculty of international experts. Furthermore, this program aims to promote inclusivity in the implementation of the African Continental Free Trade Area (AfCFTA) by providing targeted support to young Africans, women, and small and medium-sized enterprises. Prospective entrepreneurs will be selected from all across Africa and must meet the specified criteria.

Eligibility Criteria: GAIN-AFREXIMBANK Masterclass on Entrepreneurship and Intra-African Trade

    • Must be between age 20 to 45 years old
    • Must be a registered business entity.
    • Must be of African descent
    • Must have a business in Africa
    • Must have a business that has been in operation for a minimum of two years.
    • Must have access to a stable internet connection and electricity.
    • Have a good knowledge of English Language

Application: GAIN-AFREXIMBANK Masterclass on Entrepreneurship and Intra-African Trade

Yusuf Daya, Director of AU/AfCFTA Relations and Trade Policy at Afreximbank, stressed the vital importance of empowering young African entrepreneurs to fully leverage the opportunities presented by the AfCFTA. He highlighted the Bank’s commitment to enhancing the skills of African youth and fostering African entrepreneurial capacity through the Afreximbank Academy (AFRACAD). Anticipating an even more successful program in 2024 following the impactful masterclass in 2022, which enhanced the capabilities of 200 entrepreneurs from across the continent. Jerry Ojima Momoh, the Partnership Lead at GAIN, shared his excitement, mentioning, “This marks the fifth installment of the GAIN Entrepreneurship masterclass series aimed at empowering African youths. We have conducted two series focused on training women and three series now open to both male and female participants. We are delighted to collaborate with Afreximbank once again this year to offer valuable entrepreneurial assistance to young entrepreneurs. In 2022, we trained individuals from 29 countries across Africa. Apart from the training, participants will acquire extensive knowledge, establish connections, and receive mentorship from seasoned global mentors, all of which will significantly contribute to their business growth.”

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