Apply for the UNDP 54 Faces of Africa Social Media Campaign Online Volunteers

By the end of this century, nearly half of the global population will be African. In less than 15 years, by 2035, Africa will boast the largest and youngest workforce worldwide. The youth in Africa have a unique opportunity to harness this energy to promote prosperity and innovation within their communities and throughout the continent. With such a substantial portion of the world’s population originating from Africa, the continent will play a crucial role in shaping the direction of the twenty-first century.

Despite the promising demographic prospects for Africa, the voices and perspectives of its youth are often overlooked in decision-making processes and policies that impact them and shape the development of the continent. To address this gap, the 54 Faces of Africa social media campaign, led by UNDP and UNV, aims to connect African youth with leaders through the power of visual storytelling.

Through the use of photography and short-form storytelling, the campaign seeks to:
– Capture the dreams, experiences, challenges, and solutions of African youth to empower them and provide a platform for sharing ideas, inspiring individuals and organizations to drive tangible change within and beyond Africa.
– Share authentic, nuanced, and context-specific stories about Africa, highlighting the diversity and vibrancy of the continent while challenging common negative stereotypes.
– Foster connections among African youth and between them and national and continental leaders to bridge divides and contribute to the goals of the African Union’s Agenda 2063 and the UN’s 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development.
– Build and nurture a community of young African leaders.

Task Description: UNDP 54 Faces of Africa Social Media Campaign Online Volunteers

Online Volunteers will be tasked with disseminating Faces of Africa Social Media Campaign messages and graphics across various social media platforms in accordance with UNDP and UNV brand guidelines. Specifically, Online Volunteers will:

1. Maintain and update the daily schedule for social media messages, as well as graphic and visual content, for the Faces of Africa Social Media Campaign.

2. Effectively distribute the messages and materials of the Faces of Africa Social Media Campaign across various social media platforms.

3. Stay updated on social media trends and adjust content strategies accordingly.

4. Participate actively in virtual meetings scheduled by the UNDP and UNV ESARO Communications teams for briefings and feedback sessions.

5. Provide regular updates on the progress of tasks to ensure all team members are on the same page.

6. Prepare a comprehensive end-of-assignment report that highlights the achieved results in comparison to the set targets.

Requirements: UNDP 54 Faces of Africa Social Media Campaign Online Volunteers

– Strong communication skills
– Experience in social media management and content creation
– Proficiency in design software such as Canva and Adobe Creative Suite is a plus.

Application for the UNDP 54 Faces of Africa Social Media Campaign Online Volunteers

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