Apply for the Sync! Hackathon 2024 for a chance to secure $350 grant

The Sync! Hackathon 2024 will be conducted virtually, allowing participants from all around the world to join and contribute their ideas and skills. This virtual format ensures inclusivity and accessibility, eliminating any geographical barriers that may hinder participation.

Over the course of two days, participants will have the opportunity to collaborate with like-minded individuals and form teams to tackle the project management challenges. The hackathon will provide a platform for participants to brainstorm, ideate, and develop innovative solutions that can revolutionize the way projects are managed and teams collaborate.

Throughout the event, participants will have access to mentors and industry experts who will provide guidance and support. These mentors will share their knowledge and experience, helping participants refine their ideas and enhance their problem-solving skills. The Sync! Hackathon 2024 aims to foster a culture of innovation and creativity. It encourages participants to think outside the box and come up with unique solutions that can address the challenges faced in project management.


  • By participating in this hackathon, individuals can showcase their skills, gain valuable experience, and contribute to the advancement of project management practices.
  • Moreover, the Sync! Hackathon 2024 provides an excellent networking opportunity.
  • Participants will have the chance to connect with professionals from various backgrounds and industries, expanding their professional network and opening doors for potential collaborations and career opportunities.
  • Overall, the Sync! Hackathon 2024 offers a unique platform for individuals passionate about technology and project management to come together, collaborate, and develop creative solutions.
  • By participating in this event, individuals can contribute to the advancement of project management practices and make a lasting impact in the industry.


1. Product Managers
2. Software Developers
3. Product Designers
4. Software Testers, and all other technology enthusiasts

Judging criteria

  • To ensure a fair and transparent evaluation process, the projects developed during the hackathon will be judged based on criteria such as innovation, feasibility, impact, and presentation.
  • The judging panel will consist of industry experts and professionals who are well-versed in project management and team collaboration.

Cash Prize:

  • Winner: $350
    First Runner-up: $200.


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