Apply for the Google PhD Fellowship Program 2024 ($30,000 in grants)

The Google PhD Fellowships provide direct support to graduate students as they pursue their PhD, while also facilitating their connection with a Google Research Mentor. These fellowships are designed to acknowledge exceptional and innovative research conducted by outstanding graduate students in computer science and related fields. They aim to support promising PhD candidates from diverse backgrounds who aspire to shape the future of technology. Google is committed to fostering inclusive research communities and encourages individuals from all backgrounds to apply. Currently, the Google PhD Fellowships are available in various regions including Africa, Australia, Canada, East Asia, Europe, India, Latin America, New Zealand, Southeast Asia, and the United States.

Areas of research focus

Google PhD Fellowship students are a distinguished group recognized by both Google researchers and their respective institutions as some of the most promising young academics worldwide. These fellowships are granted to students who represent the future of research in the following fields:

Requirements for the African Region

In order to be considered, universities in Africa, Australia/New Zealand, Canada, East Asia, Europe, and the United States must hold accreditation as a research institution and be authorized to grant research degrees to doctoral students specializing in computer science or a related discipline.

All other regions

In order to be eligible for the Fellowship, students must maintain full-time enrollment in the Ph.D. program throughout the duration of the award, failure to do so will result in forfeiture of the Fellowship.

Individuals who are employed by Google, as well as their spouses, children, and household members, are not eligible to apply for the Fellowship.

Students who are already receiving a similar industry award are not eligible for the Fellowship. However, those funded by government or non-profit organizations are exempt from this restriction.

Previous recipients of the PhD Fellowship are not permitted to reapply for the program.

For prospective Ph.D. students from Africa, India, Latin America, and Southeast Asia, it is important to note that being granted the Fellowship does not guarantee admission to a Ph.D. program. Applicants must separately apply and gain acceptance to a Ph.D. program in computer science (or a related field) at an accredited institution.

The terms and conditions of the Fellowship will be subject to the regulations and guidelines of the institution where the recipient enrolls in the Ph.D. program.

Benefits of the Fellowship include

Students are granted named Fellowships that come with a financial reward. The university receives the funds directly to distribute them for the student’s expenses and stipend. Additionally, the student will be paired with a Google Research Mentor.


  • Fellowship duration of up to 3 years
  • US $12K to cover stipend, research-related activities, and travel expenses, including overseas travel
  • Google Research Mentor
  • Application Procedure

All application materials must be submitted in English.


For each student nomination, the university must provide the following documents in a single, flat (not portfolio) PDF file:

  • Student CV with links to website and publications (if available)
  • Brief (1-page) resume/CV of the student’s primary PhD program advisor
  • Transcripts (mark sheets) from the first year/semester of Bachelor’s degree to present
  • Research proposal (maximum 3 pages, excluding references)
  • 2-3 letters of recommendation from individuals familiar with the nominee’s work (at least one from the thesis advisor for current PhD students)
  • Student essay response (350-word limit) to: What impact would receiving this Fellowship have on your education? Describe any circumstances affecting your need for a Fellowship and what educational goals this
  • Fellowship will enable you to accomplish.
  • For more details and to apply please visit the official program website



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