Apply for the 204 cohort of the Nobellum Innovator Program for Black Innovators in STEM

The Nobellum Innovator Program is a pivotal component of Nobellum’s strategic plan to empower the establishment of a minimum of 100 Black-owned businesses in Science, Technology, Engineering, or Math (STEM) by the year 2025. This unique accelerator initiative will provide training and guidance to over 100 emerging startups worldwide that have integrated STEM into their business framework to ensure its innovative and enduring nature. Our Innovator Program aims to foster an environment that champions inclusive excellence, while also paving the way for Black youth to embrace innovation, entrepreneurship, and STEM.

Criteria: Nobellum Innovator Program for Black Innovators in STEM

  1. The Nobellum Innovator Program is a meticulously curated initiative designed to assist Black-owned early-stage STEM startups by offering them valuable training, mentorship, and resources.
  2. Startups are chosen from a pool of talented applicants to take part in the Innovathon pitch event, where the victorious startup receives access to startup funds through a variety of funding awards.

Eligibility: Nobellum Innovator Program for Black Innovators in STEM

The key criteria for application are as follows:

1. The lead applicant must be a Black individual.
2. The lead applicant must serve as a co-founder in the company.
3. The business model must incorporate Science, Technology, Engineering, or Math.
4. The company must be classified as a pre-seed (Idea) or seed (Growth) Startup.

Which sectors or industries does the program prioritize within the STEM field?

  1. The program is designed to assist individuals in establishing a business in STEM, regardless of their background or experience.
  2. Whether your interests lie in technology, biotechnology, healthcare, engineering, environmental sciences, or any other STEM-related field, Nobellum offers a welcoming and diverse community of founders.
  3. Join us to explore the possibilities of launching a venture based on STEM.

What types of support and resources are available to participants in the program?

  1. Participants in the Nobellum Innovator Program have access to a variety of resources and support.
  2. This includes complimentary conference tickets,
  3. opportunities to showcase their business at booths, and access to facilities.
  4. Additionally, the program provides training, workshops, mentorship, and guidance from seasoned entrepreneurs and industry experts.
  5. Participants also have the chance to secure funding and investment opportunities through pitch events and networking connections.

Timeline: Nobellum Innovator Program for Black Innovators in STEM

  1. Key dates for the 2024 Innovator Program Cohort
  2. May 13th: Applications Open
  3. June 30th: Applications Close
  4. July 24 & 25: Selection & Interview
  5. August 8th: Orientation
  6. August 22rd: Innovathon Pitch

Application: Nobellum Innovator Program for Black Innovators in STEM

  1. To apply visit the official website
  2. Deadline is June 30, 2024

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