Applications open for the Women in the Digital Economy Fund (WiDEF) Grants Program (up to $1,500,000)

WiDEF is dedicated to bridging the gender digital gap by expanding evidence-based, effective solutions that enhance the livelihoods, economic security, and resilience of women.

Our aim is to alter the course of digital ecosystems so that women and marginalized groups, including young women and youth, disabled individuals, indigenous communities, LGBTQI+ individuals, and rural women, have equal access to secure, affordable, and meaningful online engagement.

To achieve these objectives, the WiDEF Consortium is pleased to announce the availability of the first round of grant funding for solutions that work towards closing the gender digital divide.

In this round, WiDEF invites local organizations to submit grant applications  for the Women in the Digital Economy Fund (WiDEF) Grants Program (up to $1,500,000) and seek technical support to scale existing solutions that have demonstrated measurable progress in closing the gender digital divide within their specific contexts. These solutions should also contribute to transformative approaches to digital inclusion.

WiDEF aims to support organizations that are deeply rooted in the communities they aim to impact and have successfully implemented strategies to advance gender equality and/or digital inclusion for women, girls, and other marginalized populations.

This funding opportunity seeks to scale proven solutions that:

1. Facilitate digital inclusion for women by providing meaningful access to and utilization of digital technology.

2. Significantly reduce the gender digital divide within their respective contexts.

3. Are economically sustainable and capable of being scaled up.

WiDEF provides support that includes funding ranging from $500,000 to $1,500,000. In addition to funding, awardees will receive dedicated technical assistance for program design, implementation, and measurement.

The deadline to apply for funding is May 6, 2024, at 11:59pm Eastern US Time.

Eligibility: for the Women in the Digital Economy Fund (WiDEF) Grants Program (up to $1,500,000)

  • Both local nonprofit and for-profit local entities are eligible.
  • Proposed solutions must promote digital inclusion and address gender constraints.
  • Integration of at least two core priority areas and the generation of data and insights are required.
  • Scalability across different contexts must be clearly explained.
  • Adoption of gender-based violence mitigation policies for all digital inclusion activities is necessary.
  • USAID eligibility requirements must be met.

Preference will be given to:

Women-led organizations proposing feminist, gender transformational solutions.

Entities with a proven track record of supporting gender equality and inclusion of marginalized populations.

At least 50% of award funding will support entities in sub-Saharan Africa.

USAID eligibility criteria: for the Women in the Digital Economy Fund (WiDEF) Grants Program (up to $1,500,000)

All countries are eligible except Afghanistan, Burma, China, Cuba, Haiti, Jordan, Lebanon, Syria, Venezuela, and India (for Round 1 funding).

Organizations must meet USAID Local Entity criteria.

They must be legally organized in a USAID-assisted country, with operations and majority ownership from that country.

They must have or be in the process of obtaining a Unique Entity Identifier (UEI).

They must be familiar with and comply with applicable sections in the Mandatory and Required-as-Applicable Standard Provisions for Non-U.S. Non-Governmental Organizations.

APPLICATION for the Women in the Digital Economy Fund (WiDEF) Grants Program (up to $1,500,000)

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