Applications open for the Women for Africa Foundation Learn Africa Scholarship Programme.

Applications are currently being accepted for the Women for Africa Foundation Learn Africa Scholarship Programme.


– Must be a woman with nationality and residency in an African country.
– Must be enrolled in an African university or hold a university degree from an African country. For postgraduate scholarships, a Bachelor’s degree is necessary. The specific degree required may vary depending on the scholarship applied for (refer to detailed information on each scholarship).
– Must meet the specific requirements of the scholarship being applied for.
– Only one application per individual will be considered.

Technical and academic requirements:

– It is crucial to carefully review the information provided in the description of the desired studies, as well as on the university’s website (link provided for each scholarship), regarding academic prerequisites.
– The selected candidate must submit legalized, certified, and translated copies of their university degree, academic records, or any other necessary documentation to the host university. It is recommended to initiate the administrative process upon accepting the scholarship, as the procedures at the Embassy/Consulate and/or Ministries of Education or Foreign Affairs of the applicant’s country may be time-consuming.
– The beneficiary must also present a certificate from their university confirming their eligibility for the desired studies (master’s or Ph.D.).
– For online scholarships, applicants must have a properly equipped computer to attend online courses, considering aspects such as Internet connection, web browser, operating system, desktop applications, webcam, Zoom/Microsoft Teams applications, etc.

Language requirements:

– Prior to applying, ensure that you possess the necessary language skills. Proficiency in the language of instruction will always be required (B2 or C1 level depending on the host university). Language proficiency must be demonstrated through the presentation.

Should you be chosen, you will be sent an email notification and may also receive a phone call from the Women for Africa Foundation to personally inform you. You will then be asked to interact with the foundation’s team in the language of the scholarship you have sought.

Benefits: Scholarship coverage

  • Online scholarships cover only tuition fees.
  • Face-to-face scholarships cover the following costs:
    • Tuition fees
    • Round trip
    • Accommodation and meals (either in a University Hall or through the provision of a monthly allowance)
    • Health insurance

IT CANNOT be guaranteed that scholarships will cover additional expenses such as:

1. Re-enrollment fees for subjects failed at the ordinary or extraordinary exams.
2. Internet connection for online scholarships.
3. Costs associated with the issuance of the visa to travel to Spain.
4. The legalization, recognition, and translation of university degrees and academic records (the host University will require these documents).
5. The issuance of the certificate once the studies in Spain have been successfully completed.
6. Any other daily expenses including, but not limited to, warm clothing, hygiene articles, footwear, leisure, or local transport.

Please note that each scholarship is only intended for a single person. In no case will support of any kind (financial, consular, accommodation, etc.) be granted for potential accompanying family members (children, parents, siblings, spouse, etc.).

The evaluation criteria for the applications will be based on the following documents as assessed by a specialized committee:

  • CV
  • Reference letter(s)
  • Motivation letter
  • Language skills
  • Project/concept note (if required)

For details Visit the Official Webpage of the Women for Africa Foundation Learn Africa Scholarship Programme

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