Applications open for the Legatum MIT Foundry Fellowship

The 2024 Legatum MIT Foundry Fellowship is currently accepting applications. This fellowship aims to create a community of Africa-based entrepreneurs who are dedicated to fostering innovation and entrepreneurship across the continent. By bringing together like-minded individuals, the fellowship plays a crucial role in reshaping the narrative of Africa to one of abundance, opportunity, innovation, and dynamism.

This eight-month program is designed for successful entrepreneurs who are passionate about driving the growth and connectivity of Africa’s innovation and entrepreneurship ecosystems. It is tailored for ethical leaders who are eager to drive systemic change and promote inclusive development throughout Africa.

Eligibility: Deadline: Legatum MIT Foundry Fellowship

  1. To be eligible for the fellowship, applicants must have founded and expanded a for-profit, innovation-focused company in Africa.
  2. Additionally, they should be at a pivotal moment in their career and be looking to transition into a leadership role within the ecosystem.
  3. This could involve launching a venture capital fund, starting an accelerator, engaging in policymaking, establishing an organization to support innovation and entrepreneurship, or expanding their enterprise across the continent while focusing on ecosystem development.

APPLICATION DETAILS: Legatum MIT Foundry Fellowship

The application consists of the following components:

1. Personal demographic information and contact details.
2. Information about your role as a founder and your company.
3. Essay questions regarding your interest in the Fellowship program, your role as an ecosystem builder, and your understanding of entrepreneurial leadership.
4. A resume that highlights your educational background, professional experience, leadership positions, and community involvement.
5. A 2-minute video (in English) summarizing the main points of your application.
6. Two letters of recommendation from individuals who can attest to your abilities as a co-founder, mentor, board member, or senior manager in your company. Please ensure that your recommenders have enough time to complete the letters before the application deadline.

KEY DATES: Legatum MIT Foundry Fellowship

  1. May 17: Application period opens.
  2. June 30: Application period closes.
  3. July-August: Interviews conducted with Legatum Center staff, community members, and Foundry Fellow alumni.
  4. September: Acceptance letters sent out and commitments made.
  5. October: Orientation (virtual).
  6. November: Africa ecosystem tour (location to be determined; approximately one week of travel).
  7. January/February: Africa ecosystem tour (location to be determined; approximately one week of travel).
  8. April/May: US ecosystem tours (first location to be determined; second location will be Boston/Cambridge; approximately two weeks of travel) and fellowship celebration event.

Application: Legatum MIT Foundry Fellowship

  1. For details visit the Official Webpage of the Legatum Center at MIT Foundry Fellowship.
  2. Deadline: June 30, 2024

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