Applications open for the JWO Research Grant for African Environmental Scientists (Up to $150,000 Grant)

The JWO Research Grant for African Environmental Scientists, also known as the Jennifer Ward Oppenheimer Research Grant for African Environmental Scientists, was established to pay tribute to the late Mrs. Jennifer Ward Oppenheimer and carry forward her extensive dedication to Africa, the environment, and science.

Jennifer Ward Oppenheimer’s affection for the African continent blossomed in the mid-90s when she relocated to Zimbabwe alongside Jonathan Oppenheimer. In 1999, they settled in South Africa, which she wholeheartedly embraced as her home. Initially, her philanthropic endeavors revolved around health and education. However, as she gained a deeper understanding of the challenges faced by South Africa, Africa, and the world, the environment took center stage and became a significant focus of her passion.

She dedicated herself to comprehending how a sustainable environment could be established, allowing both humanity and nature to coexist harmoniously for generations to come. In honor of her remarkable contributions, the JWO Research Grant was established. This grant aims to carry forward her legacy by supporting early-career scientists who are conducting impactful research to address some of Africa’s most pressing issues.

The primary objective of the grant is to provide assistance to these scientists, enabling them to find innovative solutions that will contribute to the betterment of Africa, the preservation of its environment, and the advancement of pioneering scientific endeavors.

The Grant: JWO Research Grant for African Environmental Scientists

A sum of $150,000 will be granted to a successful applicant to support a research project or program for a maximum of three years. Previously funded research projects are not eligible.

Eligibility: JWO Research Grant for African Environmental Scientists

The primary applicant must be an early career scientist who already holds a PhD degree and has no more than seven years of work and/or research experience post-degree (excluding time taken for family responsibilities).

Additionally, the applicant must have strong connections to a reputable African institution that has a track record of effectively managing funds and adheres to good financial grant practices. Eligible institutions include academic institutions, research institutions, government institutions, NGOs, and for-profit organizations. Moreover, the proposed research must be focused on or conducted in Africa.

Application Topic: JWO Research Grant for African Environmental Scientists

Proposals submitted by applicants must clearly demonstrate a strong connection to biodiversity and conservation.

Criteria for Evaluation: JWO Research Grant for African Environmental Scientists

The judging panel will assess proposals based on the following criteria:
– Advancement of knowledge within the chosen field
– Contribution to solving African challenges that are widespread and scalable
– Innovative methodologies and approaches
– Scientific rigor and excellence
– Contribution to human capital development for the next generation of researchers
– Inter- and multi-disciplinary collaboration with partners, preferably within Africa
– Potential for impact during and after the grant period
– Awareness of recent or ongoing work on the continent
– Clear plan for disseminating research outcomes
– Commitment to open access.

Application: JWO Research Grant for African Environmental Scientists

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