Applications open for The CANEX Book Factory Creative Writing Workshop

The CANEX Book Factory Creative Writing Workshop, organized by Africa Export-Import Bank’s (Afreximbank) Creative Africa Nexus (CANEX), is extending an invitation to prose writers of African and Caribbean descent. In collaboration with the James and Grace Adichie Foundation and Narrative Landscape Press Limited, CANEX is dedicated to fostering the art of prose through this workshop.

As part of the broader CANEX Book Factory initiative, which aims to showcase the book value chain in Africa, this workshop will nurture and support literary talent within Africa and its diaspora.

Benefits of  The CANEX Book Factory Creative Writing Workshop

  1. Taking place over a period of ten days this summer, the workshop will be held at a serene seaside resort in Aburi, Ghana, providing an ideal environment for writers to come together and flourish.
  2. CANEX will cover travel and accommodation expenses, allowing participants to fully immerse themselves in their craft.
  3. Additionally, participants will have the opportunity to savor local cuisine, enhancing their experience during the workshop.
  4. The workshop welcomes speakers of all six official languages of the African Union—Arabic, English, French, Portuguese, Spanish, and Kiswahili. Comprehensive translation services will be provided to ensure that all attendees can fully engage in the workshop.
  5. Renowned author Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie will lead a team of writers who will facilitate the workshop. In addition, legal and business professionals will offer valuable insights into the legal and commercial aspects of the writing profession.
  6. Workshop participants will also have the chance to contribute to an anthology of writing that will be published following the workshop.

Submissions for the CANEX Book Factory Creative Writing Workshop

  1. To apply for The CANEX Book Factory Creative Writing Workshop, interested writers must submit a prose sample of 250–500 words and provide evidence of nationality from an eligible country, such as a national ID card or travel passport data page.
  2. Submissions can be made through the online form on the website:
  3. Candidates must be citizens of an African Union member country or territory and a member country of CARICOM to be eligible.
  4. The submission window for The CANEX Book Factory Creative Writing Workshop will be open from 15–30 June 2024, allowing ample time for writers to submit their work.

Application for The CANEX Book Factory Creative Writing Workshop

  1. We cordially invite prose writers to join us at The CANEX Book Factory Creative Writing Workshop, where you can enhance both your narrative skills and professional acumen.
  2. This workshop is part of the Creative Africa Nexus initiative of African Export – Import Bank (Afreximbank), which aims to highlight and elevate the African book value chain through various programs, including a publishing prize, a Pan-African writing workshop, and an e-newsletter showcasing African literature.
  3. The program will culminate in an Award Ceremony at the CANEX WKND in Algiers, Algeria, from 16-19 October, 2024. Make your application here

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