Applications open for FAO International Innovation Award for Sustainable Food and Agriculture ($10,000 award)

Applications are currently being accepted for the 2024 FAO International Innovation Award for Sustainable Food and Agriculture. During the Forty-second session of the FAO Conference on 18 June 2021, it was decided to establish the “FAO Award for Innovation” in order to acknowledge groundbreaking innovations in areas within FAO’s jurisdiction. This award will be presented to a diverse range of recipients, including both members and non-state partners.

Innovation involves introducing something new and different, whether it’s finding a fresh approach to an existing problem, addressing a new problem with a proven solution, or presenting a novel solution to a new problem.

Characteristics of the Award

  • The award includes a scroll that highlights the recipient’s accomplishments and/or the award itself,
  • as well as a cash prize of USD 10,000.

Eligibility Criteria

The FAO Award for Innovation will be granted to those who have made significant breakthroughs in areas falling under FAO’s jurisdiction. This includes a wide range of potential awardees, such as members, institutions, individuals, international/regional organizations, academic or research entities, civil society organizations, and private sector entities.

The award will recognize various types of innovations, including but not limited to those related to agri-food systems, digital agriculture, agri-food innovation systems, advancements in biotechnology, innovations in sustainable production practices like Agro-ecology, and new business models. The innovations may also span different categories, such as technological, institutional, social, policy, and financial innovations.

Submission of Nominations

  • Nominations can be submitted by national, regional, or global institutions and should be sent to the appropriate FAO Representatives (in countries with an accredited FAO Representative) or FAO Regional and Subregional Representatives (in countries without an accredited FAO Representative) for further submission to the Awards Secretariat by 1 March 2024.
  • If an individual or institution submits the nomination form, it must be accompanied by an endorsement or letter of support from a FAO Representative (via email or signed letter).
  • Failure to provide this endorsement or letter will result in the application form being deemed invalid.
  • All endorsements or letters of support will be verified.
  • For details Visit the Official Webpage of the FAO International Innovation Award
  • Deadline: 1 March 2024.

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