Applications for the develoPPP Ventures Ideas Competition now open

Applications for the 2024 develoPPP Ventures Ideas Competition are now open. Start-ups eligible for funding through develoPPP Ventures are chosen through an open call for applications, which occurs multiple times a year for six weeks at the end of a quarter. The announcement for a new application window will be made on the website before it begins, and all start-ups meeting the participation criteria are welcome to apply.

Criteria for Participation: develoPPP Ventures Ideas Competition

– Your company is either registered in the target country or plans to register there before receiving the co-financed growth investment.
– You have an innovative business model with initial revenue generation (proof of concept).
– Your business model is highly relevant for development and scalable, contributing to the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).
– The start-up must be privately owned, profit-oriented, and registered in the target country or planning to register there before the funded growth investment.
– Your business model must have high development relevance, scalability, and contribute to achieving the SDGs.
– Proof of concept and initial revenue generation are required.

Current Target Countries: develoPPP Ventures Ideas Competition

The current develoPPP Ventures call for applications (May 15 to June 30) is open in Nigeria, Kenya, Tanzania, Rwanda, and South Africa.

Application for the develoPPP Ventures Ideas Competition

  1. For details visit the Official Webpage of the develoPPP Ventures Ideas Competition.
  2. Deadline June 30, 2024

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