Applications closing for the World Bank Development Impact (DIME) Recruitment Drive.

Applications are closing for the World Bank Development Impact (DIME) Recruitment Drive. The DIME department is looking to hire 25 Research Assistants (RA) and Field Coordinators (FC) for 19 different projects. These consultants will collaborate with the DIME team and external researchers throughout all stages of the impact evaluations (IEs), from designing the study to analyzing the results.

Research Assistants will assist the research team in acquiring, processing, cleaning, and analyzing data. Field Coordinators will oversee the implementation of the impact evaluations in the field and will act as a liaison between the research team, World Bank operational staff, and Government Officials. Research Assistants may have the option to work remotely or be based in Washington, DC, depending on the requirements outlined in the position descriptions. Field Coordinators are typically located in the country where the study is being conducted, either at the World Bank Country Office or in a nearby city.

Both Research Assistants (RAs) and Field Coordinators (FCs) will be hired as Short-Term Consultants (STCs).

Skills Required:

A.) For Research Assistants and Field Coordinators (STC) –

• Academic specialization: A master’s degree in economics, public policy, statistics, computer science, or a related field is required, with a strong emphasis on quantitative research skills.

• Technical skills: Proficiency in either Stata or R for data processing and analysis is necessary for Research Assistants and preferred for Field Coordinators. Experience with survey programming in an ODK-based platform is highly desirable, particularly for Field Coordinators.

Selection Process: World Bank Development Impact (DIME) Recruitment Drive.

Qualified candidates must submit their applications through the provided link by no later than 1 PM EDT on Tuesday, April 2nd. As part of the application process, applicants will need to upload a zipped folder containing the following documents:

1. Resume
2. Brief statement(s) of interest (SOI): Candidates have the option to include a specific SOI for each position they are applying to. Each SOI should not exceed 500 words, and the file title should clearly indicate the position of interest.
3. (If applicable) Sample code: Applicants are encouraged to include sample files that demonstrate their proficiency in Stata, R, Python, and/or ODK. Candidates may submit multiple code samples, with a maximum of one per programming language, if relevant to their desired position(s). If you prefer to share code from GitHub, please provide a readme file with the link to individual scripts that best showcase your skills in the respective language. Please note that full repositories will not be considered.

Shortlisted candidates may be invited to take a technical test based on the required skills for the position and will also be required to participate in interviews. Only shortlisted candidates will be contacted.

Application World Bank Development Impact (DIME) Recruitment Drive.

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